Rain Bird makes it quick and easy to request professional sales and marketing assets.


Within the Media Center, you can request items like ads, posters, trade show booth graphics, website banners, and more. If you’re looking for traditional marketing and advertising support, you’ve made it to the right place.

Project Timelines

Project Size Project Example Business Days to First Draft
Small Existing asset resize 3 Days
Medium Redesign a pre-existing asset 5-7 Days
Large New design (Sell sheet, tech spec, ad, poster, PowerPoint, POP, landing page, advertorial, etc.) 7+ Days (P.O. Needed)
Tradeshow Booth Full tradeshow booth design. Kickoff meeting & booth specs are required. 2 Weeks to Review, 5 Weeks to Delivery (P.O. Needed)
Copywriting If the item needs copywriting it will add 2-5+ days to the timeline 2-5+ Days
RUSH* Anything less than days listed above.


  • Each rush project request will be reviewed by management before beginning production. You will be notified once the request is reviewed.
  • Rush requests will be billed at higher rates. Only utilize rush deadlines when absolutely necessary.
  • New designs and multiple versions may take longer to complete than mentioned in the chart above.


  • Please allow up to 24 hours for approved project files to be prepared and uploaded to Box for small files.
  • Medium to large project files may take additional days to upload depending on file complexity.


Visit the Site Report Center when you have a customer success story that you feel demonstrates the quality of products and services Rain Bird provides. Together, we’ll create an official Rain Bird site report to highlight the property and the use of Rain Bird products.

Contractor Merchandising Program: Ready-Made Materials

1. Start Here

Find out what ready-made materials are available by downloading the Contractor Merchandising Program PDF Guide.

Updated: 06/11/2024

2. Browse & Locate Files

Use this PDF to locate files on Webdam by clicking on ‘Download Files’ link associated with the file.

3. Request Changes

If you need the size of the item changed, or another edit you can complete the request form. (Please refer to the D#s on the PDF).


Use this form to submit trade show booth requests only. Please have important details ready including booth size specifications, print deadlines, and product display information. We will request a kick-off meeting with you before beginning the design.

Updated: 3/10/2023

How-to Videos

Media Center Tips

How to expedite your project and ensure that the design process moves quickly and efficiently.

What Happens After Your Media Center Request is Submitted

An overview of what you can expect after you submit a Media Center request.